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Thai jungle curry with rice

Kaeng Pa - Thai Pork Jungle Curry

YummyPixels was born when food photographer Paul Brighton and his wife and food stylist, Thais, realised that their photo shoot sessions conveyed their love for the food they tasted during their travels around the world.

The world’s diversity can easily be verified by the way each ethnic group cooks, as this is a long-lasting identifier of their culture.

There are loads of recipe and travel websites out there that are quite annoying to read as they are full of adverts and unrelated content. At YummyPixels, it’s just plain old recipes that are easy to follow and some travel itineraries that might inspire you to start changing the way you plan your next trip abroad.


Peruvian beef stirfry

A selection of beef recipes from Peru, China and the Middle East.

Meze food platter

Have a day off meat with one of these tasty vegetarian dishes.

Thai red prawn curry

There's more to seafood than fish & chips. Why not try something spicy.

Kuwaiti curried chicken

Chicken is one of the most popular meats in the world but don't forget the duck.

Indian lamb chops

Lamb is great for curries and kebabs and also works well for marinating and grilling.

Japanese belly pork skewers

Popular in the Far East, pork is so versatile due to the different cuts that are available.

Travel Inspiration

Fushimi Inari Shrine

I have travelled through Africa and South East Asia for five months, lived in Brazil for a year and travelled through the Amazon for a month and now I take two to three-week trips as often as possible to the destinations I need to check off my list.

I want to share with you some of my past and maybe future travel itineraries that should help you planning your next trip, be it a twelve-month gap year trip or that two week escape from normality.

I’d like to start by sharing with you my trip to Japan and South Korea that I did in 2014, not only did I get to see Japan but also return to South Korea for some Korean BBQ and checkout some of the sites I missed the first time I visited. The trip includes Tokyo, Kyoto and Seoul along with other interesting places in Japan to visit, all in just over two weeks.

Keep an eye on the Travel page as I will be updating it regularly with more travel inspiration.

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