Vietnamese tea smoked duck

Vietnamese Tea Smoked Duck

Vietnamese style green tea smoked duck breast served with spring onion, chilli, coriander and crusty baguettes.

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Cooking Time: 35 Min

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Serves: 2

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Author: Thais Brighton


  1. 2 duck breasts, skin on
  2. 1 tbsp light soy sauce
  3. 2 tsp fish sauce
  4. 1 tsp sesame oil
  5. 1 cinnamon stick
  6. 2 star anise
  7. 3 tbsp green tea loose leaves
  8. 3 tbsp brown sugar

To serve:

  1. handful of coriander leaves, chopped
  2. 2 spring onion, thinly sliced
  3. 2 long chilli, thinly sliced
  4. 2 large baguettes
  5. Sriracha sauce


  1. Place soy, fish sauce, sesame oil and duck breasts in a large bowl. Stir to combine all ingredients and leave to marinate for 1 hour.
  2. Heat a frying pan on a low flame and when hot place duck breasts skin side down. Cook for 5 minutes to render down the fat and crisp up the skin, remove the breasts from the pan and discard the excess oil or save for roast potatoes.
  3. Place some foil in the bottom of a large wok and add the cinnamon, star anise, tea, sugar and rice. Heat over a medium flame with the lid on until it starts to smoke.
  4. Place duck breasts on a wire rack or bamboo steamer and place in the wok, remember to put the lid back on. Smoke for around 10 minutes then turn off and leave to rest.
  5. Thinly slice the duck, garnish with spring onion, chilli, sriracha and coriander and serve with the crusty baguettes.